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Get Startups LLC Business Card

Get Startups LLC Business Card

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“Get Startups, LLC” is Columbus, Ohio located business that is operated by Tatiana Loughman and assistants. “Get Startups, LLC” was founded in 2016, although Mrs. Loughman has been starting and operating small businesses for herself and others since 2001. The main mission of the business is to help business owners with business paralegal public information, bookkeeping, payroll, business plan and many other aspects of business. We offer price match. You are welcome to get a fast and free estimate of services prices as well as schedule a free consultation. If you have a business that needs an extra hand, we are here to help at a very reasonable price. Cafe, restaurant, medical field, contractors, startups, attorneys, farms, auto, insurance, trucking, childcare, non-profits, salons, manufacturing, designers and more…. are very welcome to become our valued clients.

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3 thoughts on “Hire A Bookkeeper

  1. The team is unbelievable! Thank you. We struggled with marketing & webdesign, and now we have it all in place: the bookkeeping, the site, the marketing. So happy. Not to mention that the price was VERY affordable. All the extra money we got from this development!


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