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Web Design Services:

  •  Gallery, E-Commerce – Online Store, Schedule, Blog, Contact Forms, Features, Pricing, Content,   
  •  Testimonials, FAQ,
  •  Articles,  Restaurant Menu, Video Gallery, Services, ect …. Web Designs
  • Subscriptions Websites to increase monthly income & orders
  • App building and supporting (extra $50.00/month)
  • Creating online orders processing eCommerce setup (additional $9-$45 monthly, depending on your volume)
  • Assistance with manufacturing barcodes
  • Blog
  • Monetizing with Google & YouTube, WordAds, Amazon, Adsence, Microsoft, Instagram, Ebay, Yahoo!

Marketing Services:

  • Articles about your business, which includes a description and an opinion about your business, after a sample of your product/services
  • Creating marketing accounts related to your line of business ( locally-Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, HomeAdvisor, nationally- eBay etc)
  • Automated Social Media Synchronized & Scheduled Posts
  • Video-Commercials Created & Posted to Social Media
  • Professionally taken photos to put on your website/social media
  • Video creating for GoFundme accounts

Paralegal Services (Not Legal Advice!):

  • Providing you with forms to register your startup with the State
  • Providing you with information & forms on Federal and State taxes (registration & payments)
  • Providing you with forms to obtain EIN for your business
  • Providing with State Laws and license requirements in your line of business (public information)
  • Providing with State Laws and license requirements in your line of business (public information)
  • Providing with information on financing your business and creating a Gofundme account online
  • Business Dissolution. Public information & assistance.
  • Performing legal research 
  • “Get Startups, LLL” does not give recommendations towards insurance to limit liabilities that your business may encounter. Please, do a diligent research on your own to see which insurance fits your needs the most.

Bookkeeping Services:

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