Web Design

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Web Design Features:

1.Appearance- many designs
2.Advanced Galleries- Tiled, mosaic, slideshows, and more.
3.Extended Customizer- Edit colors and backgrounds.
4.Customize your blog’s look with custom fonts, a CSS editor, and more.

Extended Widgets:
5.Eventbrite, Flickr, Google Calendar, and more.
6.Infinite Scroll
7.Load more posts when you reach the bottom of a page on your site.
8.Photon CDN- Faster image loading and editing.
10.Form Builder- Build contact forms so visitors can get in touch.
11.Extended Shortcodes
12.YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and more- Video Uploads
13.Upload and host your video files on your site with VideoPress.
14.Importer- Import your blog content from a variety of other blogging platforms.
15.Polls & Surveys- Add polls and surveys to your site.
16.Markdown- Text formatting using a lightweight markup language.


17.Google Translate- Translate Pages into many languages
18.Akismet Widget- Display the number of spam comments Akismet has caught
19.Archives- A monthly archive of your site’s Posts.
20.Authors- Display blogs authors with avatars and recent posts.
21.Blogs You Follow- Display linked images for the blogs you follow
22.Blog Stats- Show a hit counter for your blog.
23.Calendar- A calendar of your site’s Posts.
24.Categories- A list or dropdown of categories.
25.Category Cloud- Your most used categories in cloud format.
26.Map- Display a map with your location, hours, and contact information.
27.Menu- Add a custom menu to your sidebar.
28.WordPress Posts- Displays a list of recent posts from another WordPress.com or Jetpack-enabled blog.
29.EU Cookie Law Banner- Display a banner for compliance with the EU Cookie Law.
30.Facebook Page Plugin- Use the Facebook Page Plugin to connect visitors to your Facebook Page
31.Flickr- Display your recent Flickr photos.
32.Followers and E-mail Signup- Add an email signup form to allow people to follow your blog
33.Add a WordPress.com follow button to allow people to follow your blog easier
34.Contact Form
36.Upcoming Events

  1. Subscription Websites
  2. Logo Design

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