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Charities That We Support

501 (c) 3 Charities Support. Tax Deductible Donation. Fight Against Women Abuse. Immigration Support.

Charities Support:- Fight Against Abuse of Women and Immigrants.
To get more information about 501(c)(3) Charity “Human Advocacy” , please, e-mail or visit to confirm tax deductible status of the non-profit. To request donation receipt, restrict the use of your donation, place any other request, please, e-mail at “Human Advocacy” listing-

About “Human Advocacy” :

Some charities call you with annoying asks for money, some charities spend most of their revenue on their salaries, and some charities have no salaries at all and collect their revenue from sales on Ebay and Etsy. Have you ever imagined helping women-survivors of domestic violence or human trafficking by selling puppy clothes, Christmas Outfits or New With Tags items? Puppy pants or skirts, or Christmas outfits or New With Tag Items is a thing now guys, it is real. It sells.

Usually, non-profits raise their money by selling t-shirts, by holding fundraising events, by selling cookies. I think, the most socially unacceptable way most non-profits use is making phone calls to your home.  Non-profit “Human Advocacy”  found a little less annoying way of raising their funds. They actually produce something, that people actually need & enjoy. Even though market is full of stuff people need, there is still one little niche that has not yet been filled with tremendous overload of unneeded cheap variety of things… Convenient clothes for dogs! The clothes that the peoples’ pets will need during potty training, holiday costumes, special events, pets’ sick times etc.

Who knew that the money that the non-profit received from the sales goes to support Women’s Rights activities?  Very unusual fundraising technique became a very successful and honorable way to benefit such an important cause. And who do you think this very innovative non-profit is? It is an Ohio registered non-profit “Human Advocacy”-  a very little organization with a very big heart.

They don’t pay salaries to their officers, nor they have any extraordinary expenses, nor they annoy people with unneeded demands for money. Honest & hard work of a US based organization is bringing help to those in need, even if the product that they need to make for that is doggie underwear.

Ways To Support This 501 (c) 3 Charity:

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