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Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services Agreement

In this agreement “Tax Bookkeeping Payroll” is an abbreviation of its full name “Tax Bookkeeping Payroll, limited liability company.

  • Please, be advised that this website is currently under construction and adjustments are being made in order to satisfy every visitor’s ability to see/view the content.
  • This site contains referral links.
  • By Proceeding To This Site, You Understand that We Are a US-based Company, That Targets USA Based Nations.
  • “Tax Bookkeeping Payroll” is a limited liability corporation, which helps small business owners to take efficient steps in solving their businesses needs.
  • ” Tax Bookkeeping Payroll ” may use their clients’ private information (such as SSN or any other personal information) for the purpose of paying taxes, filing reports and/or following any other regulations. “Tax Bookkeeping Payroll  ” may share their clients’ SSN and other personal information with the IRS and/or other regulatory organizations in order to avoid penalties or comply with regulations.
  • “ Tax Bookkeeping Payroll ” will not use their clients’ personal information for any other activities, except those ordered by the client and described in paragraph above.
  • “ Tax Bookkeeping Payroll ” does not give recommendations towards insurance to limit liabilities that your business may encounter. Please, do a diligent research on your own to see which insurance fits your needs the most.
  • “Tax Bookkeeping Payroll ” does not act as an attorney or a CPA or a financial advisor, does not represent their clients in court, does not set legal fees, does not undertake representation nor gives any legal advice. “Tax Bookkeeping Payroll ” only provides public information or legal research to their clients. The foregoing information anywhere on the website is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Before you make any business, financial, legal decisions based on the information, discuss it with your attorney, CPA, financial advisor.
  • This website uses redirect functions, to redirect you to other websites, for which we are not responsible. Redirect websites are used for contact forms, estimate forms, appointment forms, business progress forms etc.
  • Our Tax Return Preparation Engagement Letter is ready to view before you proceed to tax preparation services.
  • Our Payroll, Bookkeeping, Financial Statements Preparation Engagement Letter is ready to view before you proceed to the payroll, bookkeeping, financial statements preparation services.
  • ” Tax Bookkeeping Payroll ” is insured by CoverHound Professional Liability Business Insurance. 
  • Please, be advised that ANY text and ANY image on this website is a property of “Tax Bookkeeping Payroll ” and CAN NOT be copied and reproduced. We WILL find any reproduction and send you an e-mail to remove the text or images.
  • By submitting your contact form and/or proceeding to the site and/or services of “ Tax Bookkeeping Payroll  ” you agree that you read, understood and AGREE to this Disclosure.

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