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Business Analysis

Business Analysis

What Does Business Analysis Help You With?

Business Analysis Help Business Owners To Better Prepare For An Audit

As a business owner you know it pretty well, that audit happens and it is better if you are prepared. Also, it is always good for you, as the responsible party, to know where to pay attention in your management tactics and accounting records.

Business analysis provides you with ratios for your business, compared with industry average ratios to identify potential problems or risks.


Jul ’17 Aug ’17 Sep ’17 Oct ’17 Nov ’17
Current Ratio 0.84 0.92 1.06 4.43 4.13
Quick Ratio 0.09 0.97 0.14 0.09 1.90
Debt / Equity -6.37 -45 16.80 0.29 0.30
Gross Margin 100% 31.09% 29.51% 120% 41.07%
Net Margin -90732.49% 3.05% 1.22% 29.56% 30.98%
ROA -47.28% 1.94% 15.68% 92.95% 24.71%
ROI 393.98% -21.42% 459.22% 120.04% 22.05%

“x” mark shows that there is a problem somewhere is balance sheet accounts, because the changes don’t line up with consistency nor they match industry averages.

Business analysis also shows declining trends to also identify potential problems.

Aug ’17 Sep ’17 Oct ’17 Nov ’17
Cash Declining
Receivables Aging
Inventory Declining
Expenses vs. Revenue

chart sales expenses profit inventory

Business analysis identifies key areas to look at to see if your accountant missed anything, such as additional inventory sold or extra expenses.

Tax Bookkeeping Payroll, limited liability company provides such business analysis to clients (through a third app party) at no additional cost.

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